About me


Welcome to my portfolio! 3591c0d546c1458e8099efcf3fd49320_1443451962_l

I am an aspiring TV writer based in Scotland, with a thing or two for one-hour dramas and short films. I am a hardcore LOST fan (who knows they were not dead all along!) and I  have seen more television series than I can count.

The visions of French-Canadian writers-directors Xavier Dolan and Denis Villeneuve inspire my short scripts, while TV writers that I look up to are JJ Abrams, the Duffer Brothers, Mark Frost, Kurt Sutter, Stephanie Morgenstern and Mark Ellis.

I love mystery, the supernatural and classics.

Here you will find samples of my work and loglines of scripts that I am currently working on, as well as updates on what’s going on in my writing life as I attempt to find my own voice within the screenwriting world.

If you wish to read more, contact me!